Google gets sued for a Blog hosted through

Google gets sued for a Blog hosted through

Looks like it has just begun for Google to get attacked by tons of lawsuits as the company makes headlines for its rising dominance on the web and growing share market value. We have seen them entering into legal battles with Microsoft, web publishers. And now, the latest case is that the company has now been sued by a Christian evangelical group Jews for Jesus.

Jews for Jesus has sued the search engine giant claiming that a weblog running on Google owned service is infringes its trademark. They have filed this lawsuit in the U.S. District Court in New York on Wednesday and are aiming to get control of the disputed weblog. They are also demanding an unspecified amount in compensation.

Susan Perlman, associate executive director with Jews for Jesus said in a statement: “We have a right to our own name and Google has allowed the use of our name on Blogspot without our permission. Our reputation is at stake.” However, the interesting thing in this lawsuit is that Google itself is not involved in the process of creation of the weblog in dispute.

Google owns web service, which enables web users to create their blogs for free. There are few restrictions in place and this enables the web users to express their opinions. Google has not commented on this lawsuit as they say that they are yet to review the content of the charges. The disputed Blog is hosted at and is no longer updated by its current owner.

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