Market analysts believe Apple would continue to move beyond Macs

Market analysts believe Apple would continue to move beyond Macs

Apple has been in news a lot in recent times. However, they made most of the news headlines not because of their primary business of making and selling Macintosh computers but because of the popular iPod music players. Now, market analysts predict that the coming years will see the company continuing to move beyond the Macs and get into wider entertainment market.

In fact, the company is also expected to do better in their revenue stream. Goldman Sachs analyst David Bailey raised his expectations for the company in the coming year and predicted that the company would continue to generate high demand for their iPods and launch more products in the market to capture more of the entertainment segment.

He also expects Apple to sell close to 11.6 million units of iPod music players in its first fiscal quarter of the New Year. This is an improvement over the earlier estimates of around 10 million units. The market analysts also believe that 2006 will see the company make a major move into the digital-entertainment hub market with newer products aimed at the consumers.

This industry is getting more and more attention from the computer makers. Microsoft entered it in a big way when they launched their Windows XP Media Center Edition. And it would be interesting to see how Apple develops their recently launched iMac G5 into a digital entertainment hub for the consumers in competition with the Microsoft’s digital home entertainment systems.

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