Rolls Royce to provide aircraft engines to IndiGo Airlines

Rolls Royce to provide aircraft engines to IndiGo Airlines

Indian low cost carrier airline company IndiGo Airlines has given a $600 million worth of order to the Rolls Royce to provide them with aircraft engines and related services. Rolls Royce as a result would be supplying to the Indian company, which has recently announced their plans to compete in the rapidly widening Indian airlines market.

IndiGo Airlines is not the first one to deal with Rolls Royce, even Jet Airways and Vijay Mallya promoted Kingfisher Airlines is rumored to be in talks with the company and should soon announce their deal with the company. India is rapidly becoming a hot destination for companies like airbus and Boeing with more Indian companies planning to enhance their fleet.

However, the market does not seem to be big enough for Rolls Royce to consider opening an aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul facility (MRO facility) in India. However, in the future, if they find the need they have plans to look into this option as well. Currently, the Indian companies have to look towards the Rolls Royce MRO facilities abroad to get their work done.

Rolls Royce currently has presence in Texas, Singapore, Hong Kong, Scotland, and Derby.

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