Dell claims Intel would dominate AMD in 2006

Dell claims Intel would dominate AMD in 2006

No matter, the tech users around the world recommend AMD processors over Intel for better performance and value for money, the world’s leading PC manufacturer Dell claims that Intel would continue to have an upper hand in the coming year. Dell Inc. Chairman Michael Dell, was speaking at the Gartner Inc.’s Symposium and ITXpo when he said that Intel’s dual core processors would dominate the AMD offerings next year.

He was also asked on why Dell is not opting to use AMD processors to give an alternative option to their users. Michael Dell claimed that their exclusive relationship with Intel gives them a financial advantage on keeping costs low. However, market analysts believe Intel gives them huge discounts on processors just to keep them sticking to Intel processors. This can potentially be used in courts for anti-trust lawsuits.

Interestingly, competitors in the form of Hewlett-Packard consider using AMD as an advantage as they give them a better performance for similar prices to Intel processors. Market experts even claim that AMD processors have had a performance edge over Intel processors in the recent years. However, Dell is insisting on the fact that the new Intel processors based on 65-nanometer processing technology would change all that.

Michael Dell said: “Intel takes a very definitive lead in performance and power management at 65 nanometers. … If we thought AMD was going to be super competitive in the spring and fall of next year, we’d be introducing AMD products right now.”

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