America Online gets exclusive rights to promote Narnia

America Online gets exclusive rights to promote Narnia

Walt Disney Studios has given the exclusive rights of their upcoming movie Narnia to the portal America Online. As a result, AOL would be the first site to exclusively display photos, artwork, and video related to the holiday fantasy film “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.”

AOL would also be promoting this movie on their networks of websites. This includes their movie portal and AOL Music and Television. Disney has high hopes from this movie and expects it to be their bestseller of the year. AOL on their part expects that exclusive rights to this Disney movie would give them specialized traffic from Disney fans.

AOL is facing tough competition from services like Yahoo! and MSN. Interestingly, both these companies along with Google are vying for a joint venture like relationship with AOL. AOL on their part wants to have a strong presence in the strong video entertainment service. As a part of this deal with Disney, AOL would be offering the visitors, first look at behind-the-scenes video features, extended footage from the movie, an extensive production gallery, interactive character guides and more.

Narnia has been directed by the award-winning director of the blockbuster Shrek.

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