Toyota says demand for Hybrids is up after Katrina

Toyota says demand for Hybrids is up after Katrina

Hybrid vehicles are so much in news these days and why not so. They are environment friendly and with the prices of oil touching the skies, they also prove to be economical in the long run. Toyota is the market leaders when it comes to supplying hybrid technology through their world-class automobiles and the company is saying that the demand for hybrid vehicles is up after the Katrina Hurricane struck in USA.

Gasoline is getting more and more expensive in the United States and the end consumer wants to get more miles out of their cars. And hybrids are a way to get that. Jim Press, head of Toyota’s U.S. operations said in a statement at Reuters Autos Summit: “At the end of last month, we had a 20-hour supply of the Prius. We no longer count in days.”

USA has traditionally been a country preferring gas guzzling heavy trucks. However, availability of ultra reliable Japanese cars seems to have changed the trend. Realizing the popularity of SUVs in the American market, Toyota now have hybrid SUVs in the form of Highlander and Lexus RX400h.

The company expects the prices of hybrids to drop down in the near future as they grow in popularity and the technology improves with the pace of expanding demand.

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