Apple Web Site dominates online traffic as well

Apple Web Site dominates online traffic as well

Apple Computers are not only the leading digital music player seller in the world; they are also the owners of the world’s most popular digital music store. Apple iPod compliments the iTunes store so well that we can see the results in the traffic statistics on the Apple website. As per a study released by Nielsen/NetRatings, Apple Computer Inc.’s Web site was the fastest-growing last month among the major brands.

The company also sells hardware from their online store in addition to digital music and video content. As per reports, the Apple website drew 30.8 million unique visitors in November. This is almost a 57 percent improvement compared to traffic last year. In terms of percentage growth, Google was second with 29 percent growth in visitors. Online shopping giant Amazon saw a 16 percent boost in their online traffic.

However, the leader in the web portal market, Yahoo! continues to dominate the web with 104 million visitors. This is a 10% improvement compared to last year and continues to impress the media journalists. However, the company was ranked seventh in the list of Web’s top 10 brands. Other sites noticing a massive improvement in traffic are PhotoBucket, MySpace, and Facebook.

Wikipedia has remained in news for a while now mostly for all the wrong reasons. They also noticed a significant rise in online traffic compared to last year.

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