State of Texas sues Sony over XCP powered CDs

State of Texas sues Sony over XCP powered CDs

The misery of Sony does not seem to end. The company recently was found to be using a very special kind of DRM software on some of their Audio CDs, which installed some files on a Windows OS powered machines. This software was deemed to be spyware by some security companies as it enabled hackers to use the similar technique to spread malware on the internet.

The end result was that the company had to suspend its production of these audio cds and offer a replacement program for the consumers who had already purchased a XCP powered audio cd. The latest news in is that the state of Texas in the United States has now sued the entertainment giant under its new anti-spyware law.

They claim in the lawsuit that the anti-piracy technology supplied by Sony in these disks left computers vulnerable to hackers. Attorney General Greg Abbott accused Sony BMG of surreptitiously installing “spyware” in the form of files that mask other files Sony installed as part of XCP. Abbott said in a statement: “People buy these CDs to listen to music. What they don’t bargain for is the consumer invasion that is unleashed by Sony BMG.”

The Texas spyware law allows the state to recover damages of up to $100,000 in damages for each violation. Abbott added that their has been thousands of cases of violation and the money recovered from the company would go to the state.

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