Yahoo! to raise its music subscription prices

Yahoo! to raise its music subscription prices

Search engine giant Yahoo! has said that it would be raising the price of its digital music subscription services prices six months after the launch. The original prices were surprisingly lower than what the competition offers and the company had said that it was a promotional price only. They have informed the users of their service through a mail alert.

However, the price hike applies to only those users who prefer to download the music from Yahoo! Music Unlimited to transfer them to their portable player to listen to the music on the go. Competing services in the form of Napster and RealNetworks until now charged double of what Yahoo! was offering their services for.

Yahoo! would be raising the prices from the beginning of next month. However, consumers who have opted for the yearly offer for this service would continue to get their songs at the original price. The company has not given any specific reasons on why they are raising the prices now but the hike was apparent considering they had made it clear in the beginning that the original prices were to promote the service.

The company has released no figures on their current subscriber numbers but they say that they are pleased with what they have got. Competing companies have claimed that they have not suffered by the price war started by the search engine giant. However, with this price rise… share market experts have advised the stock market players to invest into the competition companies as their prices might see a minor hike in the near future.

Considering the hike is only for the portable music player users, subscribers who want only to listen to music on their computers should continue to pay $6.99 monthly fee or the fantastic $4.99 per month annual discounted cost for this service.

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