Apple Computers sued for potentially faulty iPod nano designing

Apple Computers sued for potentially faulty iPod nano designing

It is ironical that the media and the consumer love the iPod nano for what it represents. It is perhaps the best-looking iPod of the range. Awesomely thin and good looking. However, the problem lies in the handling of such a delicate device that it is scratched very easily. In fact, the launch of the device saw a lot of Apple users complaining about these similar problems, which led to Apple announcing plans to replace the defective units.

However, the problem is not over for the company as it has been sued with a class action lawsuit, which claims that they have released in the market a sub-standard product, which is scratched easily. The lawsuit has been filed in the US District Court in San Jose California and claims to be representing around 125,000 iPod owners.

They say that the music device is defectively designed which makes it prone to damage to scratches even with careful usage. In fact, some of the users claim that even moderate usage causes the device to malfunction. The lawyers representing the group said in a statement: “The suit charges that Apple violated implied and expressed warranties when it began selling what plaintiffs claim are defective devices, and violated aspects of state consumer protection laws”.

Apple has not commented on this lawsuit, which demands compensation for the buyers of this device.

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