PayPal accepts technical glitches occurred with user accounts

PayPal accepts technical glitches occurred with user accounts

EBay owned PayPal service, which allows users to make online transactions using only their email ids have confirmed that charges were showing up twice on some customers’ bills, causing confusion. The company reported that the problems were occurring due to a technical snafu with a third-party transaction processor.

PayPal however refused to reveal which third party company was causing this problem. The problems started something early this month and PayPal is still working on fixing the problem. PayPal representative Amanda Pires spoke in details about the problem: “Some customers using PayPal debit cards on Sept. 8 or Sept. 9 to make offline purchases had the transactions listed on their online bill Sept. 15 and then again on Sept. 18. The earlier transaction said “completed,” while the other “pending.” No one has actually been charged twice”.

PayPal says that the problem can cause big confusion to the consumers and they are quite frustrated with that. They also apologize for any inconvenience the system caused to the users of their web based transaction service. They also have not confirmed by when the system would be fixed and all the duplicated transactions would be reversed in all the user accounts.

The little consolation is in the fact that the problem was limited to their USA based consumers and occurred with a small batch of users.

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