Dell to use word of mouth campaign to popularize DJ Ditty

Dell to use word of mouth campaign to popularize DJ Ditty

Dell has said that the company would be using the word of mouth campaigns to get their latest digital gizmo popular in the market. Dell has just launched their product in the digital music player segment called DJ Ditty, which takes Apple iPod Shuffle heads on in this segment of digital entertainment market.

This device is of the size of a stick of gum and is a half-inch thick. Dell claims that DJ Ditty can store as many as 220 songs on its storage space of 512 Megs and also comes with a FM tuner and a display screen. This makes it a more feature packed digital music player when compared to Apple’s iPod Shuffle.

The company normally advertises their products through print and internet media but this time it would be different. They have also launched a special website for this music player catering to its targeted audience. Dell says that this product is an ideal candidate to become popular on its own and does not require much push in the market through advertisement.

However, considering Apple iPod products have gained an iconic symbol for the people around… it might be tough for Dell to get people to buy its products…

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