AMD finally launches their Dual-Core Opteron chips

AMD finally launches their Dual-Core Opteron chips

AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) has finally released their server and desktop level dual-core microprocessors to its customers today. They had earlier announced the launch date some days back and they made the deadline just fine. The company has however faltered at the release date as competition in Intel has already launched their versions and the computers powered by their processors are already available in the market.

The company is targeting the server market mainly where Intel would be launching solutions in the coming times. AMD claims that their offerings perform a lot better than the existing products in the server market including the higher end chips from Intel. These dual core processors are developed with two chips stacked on a piece of silicon to increase performance without exponentially increasing the cost of the manufactured product.

AMD’s offering in Opteron 800 series are developed for four to eight way servers and are now available in the retail market for sale. The cheaper variants Opteron 200 series microprocessors would be coming out sometime later this year. They would be powering the two-way servers. For desktop solutions, AMD has Athlon 64 X2 which in benchmark testing has proved to be much proficient than competing Intel products.

Some of the PC Manufacturers expected to soon release the computers powered by these chips are HP, IBM and Sun. Dell as they have already said are preferring the versions developed by competitor Intel. Dell’s chairperson in the recent times have claimed that the demand for AMD processor from their customers is not such that they look into offering AMD powered computers over Intel Processors powered computers.

AMD has notified that the dual core server processors are immediately available for sale though the desktop variants would take sometime. June would see these workstations being available in the retail market.

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