Hewlett-Packard might drop bundling iTunes on PCs next year

Hewlett-Packard might drop bundling iTunes on PCs next year

Hewlett-Packard till sometime back was offering their own branded iPod music player in collaboration with Apple Computers. However, the company ended that pact looking at the speed Apple was updating their player leading to possible logistical problems for the company. The latest news in is that the company might be entering the same market with their own offering in the near future.

This means, that there is a possibility HP would stop bundling the Apple iTunes application with their PCs in the retail market. This follows the termination of its exclusive deal with Apple to distribute HP-branded iPods. The company was till now honoring its contractual obligation to install iTunes on PCs HP ships until January 2006.

The company’s executive vice president Todd Bradley also hinted about a possible HP’s venture into the digital music and video market but did not reveal much. He said: “It’s going to boil down to who can create a solution that lets you get the music you want, when you want it, and where you want it.”

This comes with much disappointment considering when the deal was announced, both HP and Apple were very much in tune and optimistic about their collaboration. Now, it seems like HP would be using Microsoft’s technology to offer digital music player and online music download services if they ever venture into this market again.

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