Boeing dominates Airbus at Dubai Air Show

Boeing dominates Airbus at Dubai Air Show

At the Dubai Air Show, Boeing is dominating its bitter rival Airbus in getting orders from the clients checking out planes at the event. Boeing is currently the second largest aircraft maker in the world and they have managed to snap orders for 138 planes worth $17 billion in two days. This fact increases their chances of gathering more orders for the current year compared to their rivals from the Europe.

Boeing has taken advantage of this air show to make their new announcements and have made public some of the orders they have gained in the last couple of weeks. Some of the newer contracts come from International Lease Finance Corp. and Low-Cost Airline Leasing. They already have declared orders from Emirates and China.

Airline industry is booming this year as both Boeing and Airbus have reported more than double the orders compared to last year. Boeing also seems to be benefited from their 787 plane on which they have invested more than $10 billion in its development. Market experts believe that the company can gather orders for as many as 900 planes this year.

Airbus on their part revealed an order worth around $1.9 billion for 30 planes from the Indian airline company Kingfisher Airlines.

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