Toyota might top General Motors sales in USA

Toyota might top General Motors sales in USA

Toyota Motor is due to release their sales target for the next year in the coming days. And these targets are expected to be better than that of the current market leaders General Motors who are struggling to dominate their domestic market of United States. Market rumors suggest that the number to be released by Toyota could be in the range of 9.2 million automobiles.

This forecast would be around 11% more than Toyota is expecting to sell in the current year. GM made 8.99 million cars and trucks in 2004 and has projected it will build 9.1 million this year. They have yet not released their sales projection for next year. However, looking at the current market situation, it is very unlikely that they would be selling more cars in the near future than they are selling now.

General Motors have been the world’s largest car market for around seven decades now. Toyota on their part is skeptical about the backlash from the USA market if they indeed manage to topple their own manufacturer in the auto sector. Market analysts are fearing that Toyota would find it hard to maintain their quality standards if they expand way too quickly.

General Motors is still optimistic about their growth plans in their home market. GM representative Tom Kowaleski said on Sunday: “We’re working very hard on our plans for our future, and if we do that well, it takes care of itself.”

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