Skype to sell telephone kits in RadioShack stores

Skype to sell telephone kits in RadioShack stores

VoIP software maker Skype which is now owned by ecommerce giant eBay has announced that they are entering into the U.S. consumer mainstream market by selling its telephone kits in RadioShack stores. Skype Technologies SA has around 66 million users of its free- and low-cost Web-based telephone services is quite popular in markets of Europe and Asia.

Their Skype phone gear would now be available on retail sale on the 3,500 U.S. RadioShack Corp. stores. This move should help the company improve their sales and profits looking at the popularity VoIP has gained in US in the recent times. Vonage is the market leaders in the American VoIP market and is competing with SunRocket and others to lure in more users to move from traditional ways of communicating.

Skype works by offering a simple installable application for PC users who can use their broadband connectivity to call other Skype users. They can also pay a small fee and make calls to regular telephone numbers. RadioShack would now provide them a retail market presence, which Skype has lacked in all this time. Saul Klein, Skype’s vice president of global marketing said in a statement: “The retail pact with RadioShack is Skype’s first general distribution deal with a retailer anywhere in the world.”

He added: “The RadioShack relationship is really our coming to America. You will be hearing more from us about retail relationships in other markets.” The RadioShack kiosk will feature Skype starter kits for $5 with a simple earpiece/microphone, software, and 30 minutes of free Skype calling time to any number in the world.

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