Motorola new Rokr phones to arrive next year

Motorola new Rokr phones to arrive next year

Motorola fans have been quite disappointed by the current range of Rokr mobile phone, which the company developed in collaboration with Apple. Apple too seems to have snubbed the mobile maker when they simultaneously launched their iPod nano along with Motorola Rokr. Now, Motorola aims to upgrade and launch a new Rokr mobile phone sometime next year.

Ron Garriques, head – mobile division, Motorola said in a statement that they plan to launch a much stylish and upgraded model of this phone in the first quarter of next year. In addition, Motorola would launch another Rokr capable of downloading songs wirelessly, around mid-year. This should solve most of the demands of the users of current generation Rokr phone, which could only receive songs from a personal computer.

Motorola are the world’s second largest mobile maker. They have practically hit the jackpot with their Razr mobile phone, which has been a big hit in the American market. Rokr on the other hand has been a disappointment to the company with its boring design and lack of features, which were expected by the consumer. It comes loaded with Apple iTunes application but cannot download song from the internet. In addition, it can only play up to 100 songs loaded onto the mobile phone.

Motorola now plans to expand the features of Rokr phone to include more music applications with better functionality. The next Rokr is also expected to come with a megapixel camera and stereo headphones. Motorola will also introduce new phone designs; one with a rotating cover, another with a cover that slides open, and a phone-cum-personal digital assistant with a touch-sensitive screen.

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