Searching becomes the number 2 activity on web

Searching becomes the number 2 activity on web

In another interesting news, searching has become the second most done activity on the internet. So, apparently the internet has become so vast that most of the time people are just searching for content on it! This would bring smiles to companies like Google and Yahoo!, which dominates the web searching market as this, is the prime source of revenue for them.

According to the Pew Internet and American Life Project, a lot more American users are making use of search engines to find relevant information on the internet. This number has risen sharply from mid-2004. Compared to 30 per cent of the US web population in July 2004, 41% Americans now use search engines on the internet.

The research also specified that most search engine users are expected to be in their 30s and well off financially. The report also said: “Those who use search engines on an average day tend to be heavy internet users. They are much more likely to have broadband connections than dial-up connections; to log on to the internet several times a day; and to have spent considerable time online during the day.”

As per the report, Google dominates the market with 46 per cent market share in search; double that of its nearest rival Yahoo! Search, with 23 per cent. Emailing continues to remain the number 1 activity for American users on the internet.

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