Mobile Phone sales touches record heights

Mobile Phone sales touches record heights

Mobile Phones are continuing to stay popular amongst the consumers as the sales touched a record height of 208.3 million during the third quarter. Smartphones are said to be the driving force, as the users love the flexibility they offer by letting them stay online and connected to mail and instant messaging servers while on the move. The research agency IDC also reported Thursday that each of the top five-handset makers posted record shipments during the quarter.

Nokia and Motorola have shown the most impressive performance during this period as the growth rate compared to last year touched an impressive 19.1 percent. IDC’s Ramon Llamas said in a statement: “Last year, quarterly mobile phone shipments didn’t reach 200 million units until the end of the fourth quarter when vendors were keeping the channels’ shelves stocked for the holiday rush.”

He added: “As vendors announced new products earlier this year and accelerated their time to market, we’ve already reached this milestone.” Nokia personally showed an incredible improvement in sales of around 29.6 percent compared to last year and as a result, improved their market share to 32 percent, up from a 29.4 percent a year ago. Motorola did even better with 66 percent improvement. They now have a market share of 18.6 percent.

Samsung, LG, and Sony Ericsson are the other major players in the market.

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