Microsoft restructuring to get back on track

Microsoft restructuring to get back on track

Microsoft has been struggling to compete against Google with their efforts being divided into a lot of different platforms. The company now has taken some serious steps to overtake these shortcomings and have streamlined its businesses into three divisions. Oracle and Linux are other two big threats for this company, which has dominated to the PC market since more than a decade now.

The three divisions are: one for the Microsoft’s core Windows product and its MSN Internet arm which is somewhat competing with Google, second one is the business division that will focus on Office and other business software products and the third one would take care of the company’s Xbox, consumer and device businesses.

All these three divisions would have their own individual presidents, which should result in a better management of resources for the company. Jim Allchin and Kevin Johnson would be heading the newly formed Platform Products and Services division. Though Allchin is due to retire next year, which would be a big disappointment for the company considering he is one of the most experienced executive in the company.

Jeff Raikes would be heading the Business Division of Microsoft now and Robbie Bach would now become the president of the Entertainment and Devices division.

With Microsoft due to release some of the most products in its history in the coming months like Windows Vista Operating System and the Xbox 360… these steps would help it concentrate on all the products and services more efficiently.

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