Steve Jobs: music companies would mess things up by increasing prices of songs

Steve Jobs: music companies would mess things up by increasing prices of songs

The man behind the iPod Mania, Steve Jobs has lashed out on the music companies who are considering increasing the prices of the songs they make available on the iTunes digital music store. Jobs said that the companies would show how greedy they are if they indeed go ahead with their plans of increasing the cost of making songs available for download for sale on the internet.

Reports in the media claims that most of these music companies are considering hiking the cost of the songs available on the iTunes before new contract negotiations come up with the California-based company. Apple iTunes currently sell songs for 99 cents each in the United States and 79 pence in Britain. Jobs said: “If they want to raise the prices, it means that they are getting greedy. If the price goes up, they will go back to piracy and everybody loses.”

Music companies are already struggling in their market with the increasing use of internet to share copyrighted songs. In fact, it was Apple, which made it cool to purchase songs on the net and download them through iTunes. iPod has become the largest selling digital music player in the world and the ever increasing sales of music from iTunes has proved that given a decent platform, users would buy songs instead of pirating them.

Some companies have put forward a proposal according to which new and exclusive songs (made available on iTunes) could be charged a little more than the existing old songs on the web-based music download service. Others are satisfied with the current system fearing a backlash from the paying customers. Market experts believe that such a move would make the consumer feel cheated and get them back on the p2p networks to get access to songs on the internet.

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