America Online releases third annual Top 10 Spam List

America Online releases third annual Top 10 Spam List

United States based internet giant America Online (AOL) has released its third annual Top 10 Spam List. This gives us the basic idea of the popular stuff spammers are using to target their victims. The topper in this year’s list was none other than Mr. Donald Trump himself. He was followed by “penis patch” as the most popular subject lines used by spammers.

AOL also added that spammers are getting smarter and smarter with their attempts to lure the users into clicking on their spam mail links. In fact, six of the top 10 items in the list were part of the “special-order spam” list which means that the mail appears to be coming from a known friend or from a part of a legitimate, customer-driven transaction.

Charles Stiles, AOL representative said in a statement on the release of their annual list: “While the volume of spam reaching AOL email inboxes has remained at low levels compared to it’s height in late 2003, the spam that’s out there is more insidious, crafty, devious, and dangerous than ever.” Stiles is involved in controlling the spamming on the AOL’s own email network.

However, their was some good news in this release as it revealed that the amount of spam reaching the end user’s inbox declined by close to 75% this year. AOL claimed that their anti-spam features on the servers blocked on an average 1.5 billion spam messages each day. They attributed this improvement in anti-spamming techniques to consumer software tools, spam filtering technology, public policy, litigation and enforcement, and industry partnerships.

The top 10 of the list:
1. Donald Trump Wants You – Please Respond
2. Double Standards New Product – Penis Patch
3. Body Wrap: Lose 6-20 inches in one hour
4. Get an Apple iPod Nano, PS3 or Xbox 360 for Free
5. It’s Lisa, I must have sent you to the wrong site
6. Breaking Stock News** Small Cap Issue Poised to Triple
7. Thank you for your business. Shipment notification
8. Your Mortgage Application is Ready
9. Thank you: Your $199 Rolex Special Included
10. Online Prescriptions Made Easy

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