Emirates to place a big order with Boeing

Emirates to place a big order with Boeing

Dubai based Airline Company Emirates is expected to place a big order with the American Airline maker Boeing. The reports coming in estimate the order to be in the region of around USD 6 Billion for Boeing’s new long-haul 777 aircraft. The order can be announced as soon as tomorrow. This deal would come just before the starting of the Dubai Air Show.

There is big competition between Boeing and Airbus as they compete with each other to lure in orders from some of the biggest airline operators around the world. Emirates is expected to receive the first of its 45 A380s on order in 2007. Boeing on their part has already received 737 firm orders worldwide for aircraft in the 777 family. This includes orders for their 300ER and 200LR planes.

Lars Andersen, vice president of the 777 program said while talking to reporters: “We are involved in many sales campaigns as we speak, where we think the attributes of these airplanes are going to show themselves.” he also said that the middle east market is one of their biggest potential customers in the recent times.

Airbus on their part is trying to impress the airline operators with their own long-haul aircraft, the A350, which has already secured a 60-unit order from Qatar Airways. The Emirates order on the other hand is likely to be Boeing’s most significant during this upcoming air show.

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