Cingular Wireless redesigns wireless Web offerings

Cingular Wireless redesigns wireless Web offerings

Cingular Wireless has announced that they have redesigned its wireless Web offerings with a ticker service. Their new options would make it easier for the customers to get news and weather on phones. Mobile companies in the United States are working hard to expand their range of services from providing just phone and messaging services to lure in more customers.

This helps them boost their revenues despite offering cheap mobile phone calls. Ever increasing competition make things worse as customers move onto other services providing better and cheaper services. However, mobile users in the United States have been slow to adapt themselves to using mobile phones to access the internet.

Cingular now hopes to increase Web usage with a ticker that scrolls headlines across the bottom of phone screens. The users can then click on these snippets to get more information for which they pay a small fee. They are also enabling users to choose on what kind of content and sites they would like to see highlighted on their mobile phones.

Jim Ryan, vice president of consumer data products at Cingular said in a statement about their new services: “I expect there will be a significant increase in people using browser services”. Market analysts also believe that the use of push technology would make it easier for users to get access to relevant content leading to more revenues for the service provider.

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