Microsoft collaborates with Cable Industry in the United States

Microsoft collaborates with Cable Industry in the United States

World’s largest software company Microsoft has collaborated with the cable industry of United States. This deal could potentially result in Microsoft Windows Media Center, which are capable of supporting digital cable directly. Now, cable programming could be fed directly into a PC. This means that users won’t have to purchase set-top boxes to enable their PCs to support digital cable feed.

This is just another step taken by the software giant to ensure that their Media Center powered PCs can be used as a complete home entertainment hub. These new updated versions of the Media Center PCs are expected to be ready by the next holiday season next year. The new Media Center PCs would now ship with the consortium’s CableCard, a hardware module that enable a device to decode encrypted, or scrambled, content delivered from the cable operator.

PCs could now be made compatible with high-definition and other cable programs. They can also now send the signals to another network-connected device like the soon to be launched Microsoft Xbox 360. This move is good news for the end consumers who have demanded that cable programming should be compatible with more retail devices such as personal computers.

Don Dulchinos, senior vice president of advanced platforms for CableLabs spoke to the media about this collaboration: “It’s a business necessity. It’s what the customer wants, and you have to serve the customer.”

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