Apple’s newest competitor in iPod domination is Dell

Apple’s newest competitor in iPod domination is Dell

Dell is one of the most reputed brands in PC segment and known to be very good at what they do. The company was one of the major PC makers to have made their wish to support Apple if they had plans to launch a Mac OS X version for the PC platform. Now, they just might become the latest big player in the digital music player segment as per the news released in media today.

The company is expected to launch later today a portable music player called Dell DJ Ditty. They are also planning to launch some new personal digital assistants and photo printers. The Dell DJ Ditty is expected to cost around USD 99 and it would come with 512 Megs of storage space. With this specification, it would be competing against the tiny Apple iPod Shuffle in the market.

However, unlike its competitor, Dell DJ Ditty would come with a display and would support the Windows Media Audio format. Dell believes that high quality at low encoding would enable users to store more songs on the Dell player compared to the Apple iPod Shuffle. Dell claims that their player would store as many as 220 songs compared to 120 songs for the Shuffle (the figures from their website).

However, iPod has gained an iconic status in the market and this coolness factor is good enough for people to ignore the lack of features in the various products. Time will tell if Dell can achieve what Sony, Creative, and others could not.

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