After Microsoft, Google might be bidding for AOL

After Microsoft, Google might be bidding for AOL

All of a sudden, AOL seems to have become the hottest property on the internet. Otherwise trailing Yahoo! and MSN on the web portal’s front, the online content channel has potential to become the item of interest between the two prime rivals on the net Google and Microsoft. There are already reports in the market that Microsoft is interested in a collaboration with Times Warner to get MSN and AOL integrated.

However, the latest reports in claim that Google might also jump into the hunt to prevent its revenue stream generated from AOL websites vanish. The company earned around USD $380 million in revenue from AOL last financial year which makes AOL the biggest partner in their online advertisement field.

And if Microsoft manages to get the deal done, AOL would most likely to move from using the Google’s technology for its search engine and sponsored listing to MSN technology. This can result in huge damage to the financial setting, which Google has with AOL. In addition, they would get access to the large amount of content AOL has through its various channels on the internet.

Google started its collaboration with AOL in 2002 when the popular online portal moved from Overture based search technology to Google. Overture was later purchased by Yahoo!, which is the other big player in the search engine and content market. Google does not have its own established web portal, which makes it a weaker player in content-based services and this possible deal can get it on par with Yahoo! and MSN.

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