SAP to acquire Retail-Software maker Triversity

SAP to acquire Retail-Software maker Triversity

With competition increasing from market players like Oracle and Microsoft, SAP AG have announced plans to acquire the Retail-Software maker Triversity. SAP is already the world’s largest maker of business-management software and now plans to expand its reach with customers in the retail market segment.

Triversity is a Canadian based company and would bring SAP clients like the cosmetics maker Body Shop International Plc. SAP has not revealed the financial details of their deal with Triversity. The announcement was made through a press release released through PR Newswire.

Triversity has more than 250 retail customers and this would be the most beneficial factor in this deal for SAP AG. They employee around 228 people in offices based in Toronto and Pennsylvania. The retail industry is a lucrative market to be in considering the clients continues to upgrade their software applications to facilitate tracking and storage of goods.

SAP AG already has more than 2,700 customers from the retail industry and this new deal would bring them more expertise in the field and a wider scope of working to keep the competition from Oracle and Microsoft at bay.

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