Netscape Browser 8 using outdated Gecko engine

Netscape Browser 8 using outdated Gecko engine

Netscape just yesterday launched the latest stable version of the web browser named Netscape Browser 8. We at TechWhack criticized the company for taking us (we prefer to use Opera 8 around here) to the ‘your browser is outdated page’. Ironically, now even the Mozilla Developers are saying the same about the claimed very safe and up-to-date Netscape Browser 8.0.

Netscape 8 is based on the version 1.0.3 of the Mozilla Firefox browser. It also supports the Internet Explorer rendering engine. However, the latest version of the Mozilla Firefox browser is 1.0.4. The recently launched update fixed several crucial issues in the rendering engine of the 1.0.3 version.

This means that the latest ‘secure’ release of the Netscape Browser 8 suffers from the same issues when it is using the Mozilla rendering engine. This makes the browser vulnerable to two vulnerabilities rated “extremely critical” by security monitoring company Secunia.

Several Mozilla Developers including the famed Ben Goodger has have criticized Netscape over the PR blunder. The company on the other hand is yet to answer to these criticisms.

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