Apple could become a dominating force in notebook sales next year

Apple could become a dominating force in notebook sales next year

Apple has come a long way ever since they launched their first iPod music player a couple of years ago. The popularity of the iPod has brought back the enthusiasm for the Macintosh computers. Steve Jobs launched the funky looking iMacs and they have become iconic machines on their own. The launch of Mac Mini helped the company as they targeted the budget segment of the PC sales market.

Now that we see a massive growth in the notebook market, market analysts believe that the company could become a dominating player in this segment with product launches next year powered by the Intel Processors. This would enable them to offer better-priced products and using their design expertise, iBooks, and PowerBook should help Apple overtake some of the existing players in the market.

However, it would be tough to challenge the domination of biggies like Dell Inc, Hewlett-Packard Co, Toshiba Corp, Acer Inc, and Lenovo. A research released by the Topology Research Institute claims that Apple is set to sell around 3.27 million notebook computers worldwide next year. This would be close to around 42% improvement on sales in the current year.

Topology analyst Simon Yang said in a statement: “Compared to other makers, which will post only moderate growth, Apple’s performance is significant and worth paying attention to.” HP, Acer, and Lenovo are other players, which are expected to improve their market base next year. However, as per the research report, Dell and Toshiba would face a tougher time in the notebook market next year.

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