Firefly mobile phone from Cingular

Cingular launches kid-friendly Firefly mobile phone

US based mobile service provider Cingular Wireless has announced the availability of their kid-friendly Firefly mobile phone. They have become the first national carrier in the US to carry these phones developed by Chicago-based Firefly Mobile Inc., for everyday family communication. These phones are targeted at the pre-teen audience and incorporate parental control features.

Fred Bullock, CMO, Firefly Mobile said in a statement: “Parents asked us for a variety of calling plans for their Firefly phones, and we are delighted that Cingular…is bringing the Firefly phone and a choice of plans to its customers.” he added: “Cingular, like Firefly Mobile, recognizes that parents are searching for a mobile phone explicitly designed for kids ages 12 and under, that suits an individual’s parenting style and is fun for kids to use.”

The company has made these phones kids friendly, as they are pretty small in size. Firefly phone’s dimensions are 3.46 inches by 1.75 inches by 0.79 inches and it weighs in at 2 ounces. The phone comes with just five buttons on its interface. Users can “Send” or “End” calls, contact their parents with “Mom” and “Dad”-specific speed dial buttons, or access their own personal contact list via a “Phone Book” feature.

Parents can preprogram around 22 numbers in the phone to enable their kids to communicate with them.

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