Intel launches StrataFlash Cellular Memory lineup

Intel launches StrataFlash Cellular Memory lineup

World’s largest maker of microprocessor Intel has launched its newest chips designed for use in smartphones. This new line of chips is the latest version of the StrataFlash Cellular Memory lineup also popularly known as the M18. The company claims that these new chips would bring increased support for mobile devices that run multimedia applications.

These new chips are built on the Intel’s new 90-nanometer fabrication process. The current generation chips were built on 130-nanometer fabrication process. These new versions boast of faster performance, higher density, and lower power consumption. Intel is now targeting these chips at the makers of higher end smartphones, which comes equipped with cameras and color screens in addition to Web browsing applications and wireless video.

The company is hoping that these new products would find a place in a large variety of electronic gadgetry in the coming times. Intel claims that these new chips are the best till date for the mobile market. They have already signed up deals with eight cell phone makers, including NEC Corp. and Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB.

Allan Holmes, marketing director at Intel’s Flash Products Group said in a statement about their latest releases: “The real value for us is in ensuring that we’re in a majority of handsets; the smart-phone segment is growing but remains small. But the M18 does allow us to participate in more of those smart-phone designs; a lot of our customers have targeted that segment of the market and we will see some higher-end phones using M18.”

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