Google adds ‘advertise on this site’ feature to AdSense

Google adds ‘advertise on this site’ feature to AdSense

Google has been rumored to be experimenting with a new feature on their AdSense online advertisement modules, which enabled the advertisers to directly target a website for running ads on them. They have now confirmed that the feature is in implementation stage. They call it Onsite Advertiser Sign-up and it would help the Web site publishers connect with a wider range of small advertisers using Google’s integrated backend for ad management.

Until now, it was complicated for advertisers to target a specific website for showing their ads. They had to enroll through Google’s AdWords program and list sites where they wished their ads to be featured. The latest addition makes it more direct and easier for potential new customers for the Google’s AdWords program.

Google AdSense is an online advertisement management system, which allows Web site publishers to run keyword text or image ads through a system managed by Google. It has become hugely popular on the internet enabling web site owners to make money through their websites. Google’s financial backbone is this system, which brings in majority of their revenues and profits.

Google’s new feature for their AdSense program now directly competes with other advertisement networks like AdBrite and BlogAds, which uses the similar marketing strategies to attract new advertisers.

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