Third Quarter of 2005 saw 17 Percent rise in PC shipments

Third Quarter of 2005 saw 17 Percent rise in PC shipments

With the third quarter behind us, it is time to see what happened in those three-month period. The Worldwide shipments of personal computers rose more than 17 percent in the third quarter. The reason behind this impressive performance is that the consumer went for the cheaper computers available in the market and purchased them. Laptops also performed well as the rates for these portable computers have also fallen down drastically in the last couple of years.

Dell continues to retain its top position in the global PC market with maximum computers sold by a single company. They performed around the same levels as the market expected them too. This is despite the fact that reputation of the company has taken a beating in the recent times with poor customer support and cutting cost measures taken by the company.

The estimated sales figures for the number of PCs sold in the world is reported to be around 52.8 million, according to preliminary data from IDC. As per the Gartner rating agency, this figure was close to around 55 million. As usual, non-American markets are continuing to show improved growth in this segment.

Charles Smulders, a Gartner vice president said in a statement about their findings: “These factors sped up new PC adoption and replacement activities. Overall market growth exceeded expectations, with home demand for mobile being particularly strong.” However, analysts believe that this rate of growth could not be sustained for much long and would most likely see a drop by the beginning of next year.

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