Motorola impresses with financial report

Motorola impresses with financial report

Motorola has reported a strong return in the third quarter of the current year. They have shown impressive gains in the market, which are rather competitive. And hope to continue this sparkling performance in the last quarter of the current year as well. In the third quarter, Motorola made $1.75 billion, or 69 cents a share, from continuing operations. This figure however contains a net benefit of 39 cents a share from investment gains, tax benefits, and reorganization and debt-retirement costs.

Motorola posted a figure of earnings of $426 million, or 18 cents a share last year. The company’s revenues have surged to $9.42 billion, which is a gain of almost 26%. These figures are better than what the market expected the company to provide. Motorola gained a lot from the mobile market performance. They are currently the second largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world and are catching up nicely with Nokia.

Motorola reported sales of $5.6 billion from their mobile division with sales of around 38.7 million handsets during the quarter. This happens to be a company’s own record in terms of sales of mobile phones. They gained around a percentage more of the mobile phone market. It seems that the company benefited from the performance of their Motorola RAZR mobile phone.

Some of the new products being developed by the company include Motorola Slvr and Motorola Pebl.

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