Reports say Minivan’s front seats are not safe enough

Reports say Minivan’s front seats are not safe enough

Around the world, Minivans are considered to be a convenient and safe mode of transport for hauling families. However, the latest report released by an insurance industry research group would disappoint some of these owners. This report claims that the front seats in most minivans available in the market do not do a good job of protecting against whiplash injuries in rear-end crashes.

The report was released by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, based in Virginia. And it says that crash tests of driver’s seats from 14 minivan models found most “marginal or poor” in protecting against neck injuries. These sorts of injuries are pretty common in car crashes and most likely to occur in rear impacts. The safest minivans found in the study were the Ford Freestar and Mercury Monterey.

However, the disappointing news is that some of the most popular vehicles in this category like certain versions of the Toyota Sienna, Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Town and Country were rated poorly in these tests. General Motors Minivans and Nissan Quest were also found to be disappointing when it came to safety in case of such accidents.

However, the agency is not advising the consumers to move back to passenger vehicles for their requirements considering most of those models also failed to impress the testers with their safety track…

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