NASA to unveil plans to go to Moon

NASA to unveil plans to go to Moon

the American space agency NASA is due to unveil their plans on a new mission of sending humans back to the moon after a gap of many years. The US government has further plans to expand the scope of these missions to once day eventually send a man to the nearest planet to our earth, the Mars. Sources from the government reveals that the NASA plans to send a crew of four astronauts to the Moon in 2018 for a period of 1 week.

The last time man steeped on our nearest natural satellite was way back in 1972 with the Nasa’s mission with Apollo 17. The interesting thing is that the new generation astronauts would perhaps be using technology similar to those same rockets (Apollo) for these future missions.

NASA is quite ambitious with their plans to fulfill the government plan which was announced in January 2004 by President George W Bush. The vision of this plan is to take the man back to the planet moon and then to move the scope to the Red planet. NASA’s plans have budget requirement of an around USD 100 Billion to develop these new generation space vehicles and the technology surrounding it.

And this might mean that the NASA would lower their research work and spendings in the International Space Station…

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