Google and Microsoft collaborates along with Sun Microsystems

Google and Microsoft collaborates along with Sun Microsystems

Arch rivals Google and Microsoft are collaborating along with Sun Microsystems to fund the functioning of a research lab. The aim of this research lab would be to make the net easier to run. The three companies are together putting in $7.5m (£4.25m) for the running costs of the Reliable, Adaptive and Distributed Systems Lab.

The project is expected to run for around five years at the UC Berkeley. And they would be creating software applications that automate the admin systems for web services and e-commerce sites. The companies aim to give away the software products developed by these applications for free on the internet.

The lab would be using techniques such as statistical learning to automate routine tasks to make the lives of system and network administrators easier. The companies are interested in such a project themselves considering all three have enormous data operations that currently demand huge numbers of people to keep running.

The efforts from this lab would help smaller start-ups to compete more effectively in the market. Till now, similar projects at universities were generally funded by US federal agencies. However, this might be just the beginning of big corporations in the country investing in similar projects.

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