Intel powered iBooks might appear in January 2006

Intel powered iBooks might appear in January 2006

Apple watcher online magazine ThinkSecret has claimed that they have got inside information claiming that Intel processors powered Apple iBooks might appear as soon as January next year. Apple has a scheduled MacWorld conference event in January and the report says that they are going to launch an Intel-equipped, entry-level iBook.

In addition, the Macintosh maker is also expected to announce price cuts on their existing iBook range to encourage more Windows to Mac switchers. ThinkSecret also clarified that Apple PowerBook based on Intel Microprocessors would still take sometime to come out. Apple on their part has not commented on these rumors.

The official statement remains that they are on track to release some Intel based Apple products by June 2006. Apple is due to update their iBook range of computer products. The last time they updated the iBook machines were in July this year when they offered minor upgrades like anti-drop protection and increased memory.

There are also reports in the media claiming that their wont be enough software compliant enough to run on Intel powered Mac operating system. For that, Apple would be using their Rosetta software, which would translate programs on the fly to make them compatible. This is going to affect the performance of these first generation Intel powered Apple machines.

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