Google renames Google Print to Google Book Search

Google renames Google Print to Google Book Search

Search engine giant Google is perhaps hoping a change in name would help it get over the controversies surrounding the Google Print program. They are now calling this program Google Book Search and have changed the web address from to This change in the URI was mentioned in a Blog post by the Product marketing manager Jen Grant.

Google has claimed that the name change is due to confusion amongst the users who communicated to them. They said that they have received comments from the user saying that Google Print sounds like a service, which would make it easier for them to print documents. Google Print however is related to digitization of books available in libraries around the world making them available for search.

Google now hope that the new name would make it more clear to the end user on what the service offers. However, they have little doubts on whether it is going to change the opinion of people who think that the program break the copyrights of the authors whose books are being digitally converted to searchable content.

The company has already been sued by two organizations The Authors Guild and the Association of American Publishers.

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