NBC Universal to provide on-demand films

NBC Universal to provide on-demand films

Media giants NBC Universal has announced that they are collaborating with technology and commerce specialist Wurld Media to make selected movies available on demand. They would be using a peer-to-peer distribution system for this service and it would be launched sometime next year. This is the first time a major movie studio is using P2P service to distribute their content.

Wurld Media is one of the few surviving companies striving to rehabilitate the image of P2P, which makes more news related to privacy than legitimate data distribution. Some of their competitors in the market are PassAlong, Intent Media, iMesh, and Snocap-powered services like Mashboxx. NBC Universal said they chose Wurld Media over others because of their commitment to carry only authorized content on its secure Peer Impact network.

NBC Universal has however not decided on the pricing structure for such a service. However, they do plan to offer all of the titles that are available on its existing video-on-demand and pay-per-view services carried by cable and satellite operators. This would for the time being exclude content related to NBC Universal-produced TV series. The logic is that the paying customer would be able to watch the subscribed content for up to 24 hours after he hits the “play” button on their computers.

They would however allow all the users to preview clips of all the available content for free.

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