Amazon offering replacement for Sony XCP powered Audio CDs from Sony

Amazon offering replacement for Sony XCP powered Audio CDs from Sony

Online retailing giant Amazon has announced a program on their website for their customers who have bought any of the Sony’s recently launched Audio CDs equipped with the XCP DRM technology. They are offering a refund to these customers. The offer has been issued through an email message sent to Amazon customers known to have bought a CD by one of the 52 Sony, which contained the XCP software.

Amazon customers can now get the refund by sending back the CD. This is also applicable to those customers who have not used the CD on their personal computers. Sony BMG on their own has launched a free replacement scheme for replacing these controversial CDs on their website. Amazon has however not released any press release regarding this special scheme.

The CDs became controversial after Windows programming guru Mark Russinovich raised an alarm about the software these CDs installed on a windows PC without informing the user. This hidden software has been labeled as spyware by security organizations and even Microsoft. Sony is facing a huge PR disaster as they have stopped the production of the CDs using this XCP technology and are recalling the controversial shipments of these CDs.

Surprisingly, these XCP equipped CDs seems to be still available on Amazon web store for sale!

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