AMD plans to boost manufacturing capacity to gain market share

AMD plans to boost manufacturing capacity to gain market share

AMD (Advanced Micro Devices Inc.) is aiming to garner more market share by increasing their manufacturing capabilities. The company has just unveiled their new manufacturing base in the Germany developed at a cost of USD 2.5 Billion. This new plant is based in Dresden town and the company now aims to catch up with the market leader Intel.

The aim is to get a market share of around 30% in the next couple of years in terms of sales. AMD’s Chief Executive Hector Ruiz told reporters today at a press conference in Dresden: “And after we have reached 30 percent, we will aim for even more.” The market share of the company as of now is close to 20%.

AMD believes that this new plant would help them boost their production capabilities and enable faster supplies enabling them to gather more sales in the market. One of the many reasons on why PC manufacturers prefer Intel to AMD is due to the huge manufacturing capacities of the company for constant supplies of processors.

Intel and Advanced Micro, or AMD are currently the only two big names in the market of developing processors for the Personal Computers. With Apple moving to Intel processors in the near future for their Macintosh platform, it becomes important for AMD to continue their progress and stay competitive.

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