IBM encouraging its employees to become teachers

IBM encouraging its employees to become teachers

IBM is worried that the United States is losing its advantage in the technology field to countries, which are benefiting from outsourcing such expertise. As a result, the company has now plans to financially back their employees who would like to leave the company to become science and mathematics teachers. The company announced this plan on Friday.

The company would support as many as 100 such employees under this program for a trial run. And in the long run the company believes that more employees can move onto this new program aimed at increasing the availability of qualified professional in the education field in the States. They also hope that other tech companies in the USA support their plans to improve the condition of schools and colleges in the country.

Most of the US companies are finding it harder to get employees from the math and science fields good enough to lead them into the coming years. Stanley Litow, head of the IBM Foundation said in a statement: “Over a quarter-million math and science teachers are needed, and it’s hard to tell where the pipeline is. That is like a ticking time bomb not just for technology companies, but for business and the U.S. economy.”

They consider the workers nearing their retirement age in the company to be the best candidates for such a program considering they have the experience and expertise to teach the new generation of students who would help the companies in the USA to compete with the world on the global level in the coming years.

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