Sober Worm back in the news

Sober Worm back in the news

Anti-Virus experts have reported that the Sober Worm has become a tool for propaganda with the latest version filling up email boxes around the world with German-language spam. The worm first hit the Internet way back in 2003. And we have till now seen around 20 variants of this worm. The latest version is not designed to spread by itself but just to get a message across.

Last weekend saw thousands of computers infected by a variant of Sober were instructed to download a new version of the program. These computers are currently under the control of the original developer of the worm. The latest variant codenamed Sober-Q turned infected computers into spam machines.

They are sending out hundreds of messages, mostly in German with links to Web pages containing information on conservative German political issues. In fact, some of the links points to legitimate news sources on the Internet related to the concerned issues. Fortunately, the worm is not spreading by itself. Rather only the previously infected computers are being targeted.

The spam mail has more than 70 variants with different messages. Anti-spam technical operations at MessageLabs Stephen White said in a statement: “Almost all of the spam e-mails have been sent from otherwise clean IP addresses and will have gone largely undetected by spam filters. It would seem that the virus author has stored up networks of infected machines around the world, holding them on standby to deploy at specific times.”

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