EMC Corp. to launch Invista storage router

EMC Corp. to launch Invista storage router

Next week would see the launch of the Invista storage router from the EMC Corporation. This product is highly anticipated considering it is a hardware and software package designed to optimize use of storage resources and ease the movement of data across heterogeneous environments.

Invista is an out-of-band appliance built on a dual-node server cluster that connects to a Fiber Channel switch within a storage-area network (SAN). It uses software, which inspects every packet of data passing from host computers through a Fiber Channel switch to a storage array. Then each bit of data is assigned to a unique identifier so that it can be organized, tracked, and managed across a pool of storage resources.

The product is to compete with IBM Corps SAN Volume Controller, and Hitachi Ltd Lightning TagmaStore. It is the first product of its kind to offer support for Brocades Rhapsody-inspired smart switch and tier-one vendors implementation of smart switch application hosting not to be hobbled by limited market access.

It is designed to be managed through a Java-based GUI, command-line interface or EMC’s ControlCenter software. In addition, it is expected to be shipped in the market in the third quarter of this year. The company has also said that the product will be supporting the most prevalent IBM, HP, and Hitachi arrays out of the gate, alongside a major spread of host operating systems.

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