RIAA files more lawsuits against p2p users

RIAA files more lawsuits against p2p users

The music industry of the United States represented by the organization RIAA has filed more lawsuits against so-called p2p users who traded or downloaded illegal music on the internet. The latest round of lawsuits contains around 751 copyright-infringement lawsuits and this brings the total to more than 7000 cases they have filed this year alone.

Most of these lawsuits are unnamed and are popularly known as John Doe lawsuits. These claims that the targeted individuals distributed copyrighted music on the Internet through P2P services, such as LimeWire and Kazaa. In around 105 cases, they have named the accused. Cary Sherman, president of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) mentioned this in a statement released to the press: “At stake is the music industry’s ability to invest in the next generation of music and a chance for legal online music services to flourish.”

Interestingly, this latest series of lawsuits from the RIAA comes just after a market research group NPD said that they research shows that illegal sharing of files on the internet has gone down after the famous Supreme Court ruling against Grokster and other P2P companies. However, not all market analysts believe that it is true.

RIAA is not impressed by these findings and plans to continue with their round of lawsuits in the future as well. Sherman added: “We must do everything to protect the integrity of the marketplace. That means educating fans about steering clear of pirated products and continuing to enforce our rights to send a clear message that stealing music will bring consequences.”

However, if they are going to support initiatives taken by companies like Sony with their DRM technologies, they might see further protests from the end consumer. They are making the lives of people who buy legitimate music tough and hate the people who do not. Makes little sense to us.

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