vows to beat Google in China vows to beat Google in China

China is one of the fastest growing internet markets and is adding tons of new users every year. As a result, many American online companies like Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft MSN are trying to get a stronghold here. is one of the local dominating companies, which have a big presence here. Yahoo! recently purchased a big stake in this company with the aim of getting a user base in china. has now announced that they would beat the market leaders Google when it comes to their domestic market of china. Their aim is to remain the dominating players in the internet search field and stop Google from taking over as they have taken over in the United States. chief executive Jack Ma claimed that Google was vulnerable in China.

As a result, they are now focusing their attention towards improving their search engine quality. Ma also claimed that through its electronic retail unit, they have already managed to thwart off competition from eBay. Ma said in a statement referring to eBay: “The game is almost over, finished. I’m not interested in that competition at all.”

Talking about Google, Ma said: “For the search engine, I think Google is very powerful. But it is not that powerful in China now. We win e-Bay, buy Yahoo, and stop Google. That is for fun. Competition is for fun.”

The company has also plans to expand in South Korea in the next two to three years, and later the Japanese market.

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