Apple dominates the music market in Sony’s home Japan

Apple dominates the music market in Sony’s home Japan

Japan might be the home of the electronic giant Sony. However, when it comes to digital music players and online music store and download service, Apple is the crowned king. The Macintosh maker has claimed that their iTunes Music store and iconic MP3 player the iPod are leading the digital music revolution in Japan.

Apple says that they have captured around 60% market of the digital music player in the country with their iPod range of devices. These results have been verified by Business Computer News (BCN). In addition, Apple iTunes digital content store has also taken the top spot in the Japanese market within a short period of its official launch in the country.

Philip Schiller, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing said in a statement: “It has been a tremendous year for Apple and music in Japan with the opening of the iTunes Music Store and the introduction of the impossibly small iPod nano and fifth generation iPod”.

His views were supported by Ichiro Michikoshi, editor-in-chief of WebBCN Ranking: “Consistently maintaining a market share surpassing 50 percent since September, Apple has grown to be the only winner in the portable audio market in Japan. All eyes are on Apple to see how far it will grow its numbers”.

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